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Revolutionary War Essay

  • Submitted by: Peacepanda88
  • on January 25, 2013
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        Imagine gun powder flying through the air, people yelling, and you are there-thinking about your life where you are surrounded by the worlds greatest nation and you and your people have to fight for your freedom. The American revolution was a Great War, due to having strong leaders, amazing technology, and the guerrilla warfare which made them have a victory win.
        There were many great leaders, who would go through any obstacles to win. Some of the leaders were George Washington, Lafayette, and Baron Von Steuben. George Washington was a intelligent leader because he made sure to to keep all of his men together and to stay strong even though there was a lot of them were dying. At Valley Forge he made all of his men fight and practice but they were sick. He just kept on encouraging them. Marquis de Lafayette was a French general and political leader who enthusiastically supported the American Revolution. Lafayette endured the miserable winter at Valley Forge with Washington and his troops. Lafayette played a critical role in the ultimate victory of the Revolutionary War, co-leading American forces in the successful siege against British armies at Yorktown. Baron Von Steuben was an ex-Prussian army officer sent to come and help the Americans. He presented himself to George Washington to train the Continental Army.   He arrived at Valley Forge in February 1778, shared the camp's hardships, and began drilling Washington's near-starved and often-defeated troops. He trained them to follow a simplified manual of arms.   By the Spring of 1778 he had converted the Americans into a highly skilled fighting force, well able to hold their own against the British Regulars at the Battle of Monmouth. All of theses men were able to bring their strengths to the American colonists in order to train them into mastermind killing machines!
      Guerrilla warfare as it refers to the American Revolution stands in contrast to the traditional type of fighting usually...

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