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Rhetorical Analysis

  • Submitted by: akiralevine
  • on October 6, 2012
  • Category: English
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On August 1 of this summer I received a phone call from my uncle in Texas.   Our conversation started as usual, he asked if I was excited about returning to his alma mater for another year of school.   Then when I asked what he and the family were up to, since it was an out of the blue phone call, he responded with “Oh we’re out here at our local ‘Chick-fil-A’ showin’ some support for their down home Christian family values.”   I should’ve known.   He then proceeded to tell me how “some gays came out here too and are making a scene trying to corrupt our values.”   Not all Christians are like this.   However, when it comes to the controversial remarks made by Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, participants in the debate have strayed from logical reason in the middle ground and taken radical stances at the far ends of the spectrum.   This is most predominantly seen with public officials and their responses to the remarks.   Steve Salbu attempts to show the most radical believers of each side the logic and reason to be found in the middle ground of the debate.
Where most editorial responses reflect the most radical views and are written with an aggressive tone to reinforce them, Salbu makes a point to employ even keeled diction.   His personal beliefs are made evident throughout the piece; however, his motive is not to bring the most radical conservatives over to being radical liberals.   He pointedly avoids diction that would serve to throw his beliefs in the faces of his audience.   Instead he employs moderate diction with the use of correct grammar and syntax.   This is evident immediately in the first three paragraphs and above all serves to establish Salbu’s credibility.  
Salbu’s credibility is essential to making any progress with his purpose due to how radical this controversy has become.   His decisions regarding the article’s organization evidence his awareness of the importance of establishing his credibility to his audience.   Salbu is sure to found his moderate tone within...

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