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Rhetorical Analysis

  • Submitted by: fran14
  • on January 25, 2013
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The Story to Branding

In his article, “An English Teacher Looks at Branding ,” James Twitchell explains how this cultural branding system influences our views on the objects. He asserts his points effectively with a little bit of logos, pathos and ethos. James Twitchell first tells his readers of the “Journal of Consumer Research” has many different meanings for the word brand, but for him it simply means one thing, a story that is attached to our manufactured goods, (484) although it is his belief, he is at least letting his readers know that it is not a fact. He continues by saying that a story is supposed to make it's audience have some sort of emotional response. So, when making a story for a brand it can either be a more visual story or a more musical type of story, depending on what kind of meaning is to be instilled into the brand or object. Twitchell effectively mentions that a factor for advertising would be choosing the right genre fore the brand; for a more meaningful type of study. By mentioning how genres can sometimes create a constant flow for some advertisements, like beer ads, how cars are displayed and how some advertising has a certain type of music as the accompaniment (485). Twitchell explains that our advertising would have more variety in the future as long as the audience appreciates them more easily, but society started to change at a rapid speed so we are not able to; but back (then) with Romanticism and the pathetic fallacy many people were able to find the meaning with their items (485).
Twitchell states that Romanticism and the pathetic fallacy were what made branding possible. It was when Romantic poets started to make “inanimate things and nonhuman life share feeling.”(485). He fittingly used an example of how John Keats animated the Grecian urn with human characteristics, further backing up his statement, because giving an object meaning or a purpose is what attracted many consumers to those certain brands or objects(486); he...

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