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Rhetorical Analysis of Huckleberry Finn

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  • on October 18, 2013
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Illegal Friendship
Huck's feelings about Jim have been rearranged throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. For several reasons, Twain changed Huck's views of Jim and slavery in order to progress the relationship of Huck and Jim in the book. At first, Huck considers Jim a N*****, but after much hijinks Huck could barely use the word to describe Jim. Huck's transformation from an innocent boy to an acknowledging adolescent is anything but transparent in this book.
At the beginning of the book, Huck is untouched by other ideals because he has lived in the south and has learned that slaves, such as Jim, aren't people. In fact, Huck goes as far as to play a trick on Jim, like when he helped Tom Sawyer make Jim believe that witches "be witched [Jim] and put him in a trance…" (Twain 18). Although it was Tom's idea, and as T.S Eliot argues that while "[h]uck is the passive observer of men and events, Jim [is] the submissive sufferer from them…", Huck was given the opportunity to not play the trick; however, Huck had not yet begun to value Jim (Eliot 3). It is not until Huck and Jim take off down the river that he begins to consider Jim as a person, not a slave.
In the latter half of the book Huck and Jim have become platonic friends, if anything at all. In fact, Huck has actually began to stop using the N-word to describe Jim by this point. However, the Duke and the Dauphin sell Jim back into slavery which leads   to a show of the change in Huck's attitude towards Jim because Huck decides to "steal" Jim out of slavery (Twain 507). Kravits agrees that "this acceptance of going to hell shows the growing relationship between Huck and Jim " due to the fact that he was accepting the loss of his soul for Jim (Kravits 5). Another key that he had grown close to Jim was fact that he was going against morals taught by the society he was raised in. These ideas show the extent of this friendship between Huck and Jim because, in the beginning, Huck would have not cared that...

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