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Rhetorical Modes Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Rhetorical Modes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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Rhetorical Modes Matrix

Rhetorical modes are various methods for effectively communicating through language and writing.

Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Provide at least two tips for writing each type of rhetorical device.

|                       |Purpose                           |Structure                                 |Tips                           |
|Rhetorical mode       |Explain when or why each           |Explain what organizational method works   |Provide two tips for writing   |
|                       |rhetorical mode is used.           |best with each rhetorical mode.           |in each rhetorical mode.       |
|Narration             |The purpose of narrative writing   |A strong narrative essay, containing       |--Phrases and words related to|
|                       |is an extensive form or           |details of the setting, characters, and   |the human senses attract the   |
|                       |storytelling. It can either be     |situations relevant to the conflict of the|audience’s attention.         |
|                       |factual or fictional; it depends   |story to engage the audience. It gives the|                               |
|                       |on the purpose of the author, such|audience a vivid illustration of what is   |--Minor characters help       |
|                       |as biographies or memoirs.         |occurring. An essay of this nature is     |support main characters or add|
|                       |                                   |structured in chronological order         |details to plots and           |
|                       |                                   |beginning with the plot, characters,       |conflicts.                     |
|                       |                                   |conflict, and then theme.                 |                               |

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