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Rhinoceros Essay

  • Submitted by: kuramahiei
  • on November 13, 2012
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Opportunities to use staging effects such as sound, music, and costumes can elicit different effects from a film compared to its original textual version. Not only this, various specific acting styles can have an effect on the mood in specific scenes and messages they try to convey. These can all be seen in Eugene Ionesco’s play, Rhinoceros, and its Americanized screenplay version, Rhinoceros, directed by Tom O’Horgan.

In the film version of the play, Rhinoceros, costumes are accurately used to depict the personalities of all the characters in the play. For example, Stanley, who is also known as Berenger in the textual version of the play, is untidily dressed and has an unkempt hair. However, near the ending of the film he stands alone on the rooftop of the building dressed neatly as the only human individual left around him. This shows his transformation from someone who “just can’t get used to life” (I.376) into an individual who believes in moral standards and individuality. John, who is played as Jean, is dressed immaculately. This illustrates in every way his conformity to society and its standards. John reprimands and teaches Stanley to dress and become just like him. Stanley, however, shows no interest in the matter and his reluctance to conform like the others.

One of the bigger advantages of a film play is the opportunity to use visual effects. The film, however, does not take advantage of this effect and creates an awkward scene in which the textual version provides a better description of it. This is portrayed in the scene when Stanley points out that John has a bump above his nose and that his skin is changing its color into grey. No visual effect of actual color changing takes place and when John looks at himself in the mirrors, no bump appears to be on the forehead. This is confusing to the audience because it is unclear whether John is actually transforming into a rhinoceros or only his personality and behaviors. This film lacks visual...

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