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Ridorian Human Resources Essay

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Designing a new system for Riordan Manufacturing’s Human Resources Department is a crucial and important part of Riordan efforts to evolve with new technology. The company has asked that installation of their new system occur within six months. The current Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is outdated by over 10 years. Allowing an outside company to implement a new system will save Riordan Manufacturing time and money, and allowing completion of the project in the time allowed. Combining all of the systems used by Riordan’s human resources staff will allow easier access for all.
System Analysis for Riordan Manufacturing’s Human Resources Department
As computer technology evolves, companies find themselves analyzing and improving their systems on a regular basis. However, some companies have such a vast amount of departments, employees, and locations that they find it can take years to update and improve all of their departments and locations. Riordan Manufacturing has been in need of updating their human resources department for some time. With a well-devised systems development life cycle Riordan Manufacturing should be able to update and improve their human resources systems quickly and effectively.
The human resources department currently has a system that they received in 1992 that came incorporated into the financial systems package. In order to determine the type of system that will best suit Riordan Manufacturing the IT department needs to gather data regarding the information that human resource personal uses. Ultimately, the company’s central human resources department uses this data the most. However, each location also needs this data as well as managers.

Scope and Goals
Riordan Manufacturing would like a new Human Resources System. This system needs to include all the information that the Human Resources Department uses on a daily basis. The system also needs to allow limited access to employees that are outside Human Resources, such...

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