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Riel Vs. Angelique Essay

  • Submitted by: gittyraina
  • on February 19, 2012
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When taking a look back at the history of what has helped shape Canada into the country it is today, it is always interesting to learn about the numerous amount of individuals that have contributed to Canadian history, making a clear name for themselves. Louis Riel (1844-1885)   and Marie-Joseph Angelique (1705-1734) were two completely different individuals who faced countless hardships throughout their lives, which ended shortly due to charges that had ultimately led to their execution. Both Riel and Angelique lived a life with many difficulties. Being a black woman and a slave in a land dominated and owned by the whites was hard enough in the 1700s. With that being said, being the “underdog” in a political system that was governed by those of high class and power, life for Louis Riel was not always easy, for he fought throughout his life for justice to allow his Métis people flourish in society. Coming from completely different backgrounds and living a life with numerous differences, Angelique and Riel both shared a rather interesting similarity. The two were, and still to this day are considered controversial figures in Canadian history. Being a spokesman for the Métis tribe, Louis Riel was, and perhaps still is by many, referred to as, the founder of Manitoba (Lewis, DCB, p.736). Riel, who was an ambitious and motivated leader had always taken control and never abandoned the Métis. He was a striving achiever that accomplished many goals throughout his life. Like him, Angelique was a strong and determined individual. Being a minority in society from the time she was born to the time of her death, she strived on a daily basis to escape the brutal life that was in control under the white man’s regime. Race and class are definitely two factors that should be taken into consideration when analyzing the treatment of both Riel and Angelique during their trials. So what led these two individuals to their deaths? Riel, being charged for treason and the “murder” of...

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