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Risk Management Plan

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Some of the major preparatory functions within the family unit are more important then others.
These are to clearly identify potential and most probable risks and construct basic and solid risk management plans in order to prevent, eliminate, minimise or reduce the expected or unexpected damages and consequences that could ensue.

Some of these include:

drugs and alcohol

Plans created and implemented were:

                                                    For FIRE

physical and mental controls (fire hazards and resources training for fire prevention, fire elimination and safety during the process)
prep list (immediate action steps, timing priorities, drills and execution    
sequence etc..)
resources upgrades as needed

monitoring and action plan reviews
responsibilities allocation and correct info relays
round table brainstorming, performance reviews and experiential shares

                                                    For FLOOD

physical and mental controls (training and preventative measures)
monitoring and experiential drills
prep list (safety action steps, shut off points/electrical and water mains, etc..)
responsibilities allocation and correct info relays
round table input, action reviews and experiential shares

                                                      For BURGLARIES

house safety controls (physical and mental measures)
prep list (for safe exit, entry, when vacationing and when visitors present)
motoring and drills revision
responsibilities allocation
round table input, emotional prep reviews and experiential shares

                                                For DRUGS and ALCOHOL

controls and measures for appropriate and expected behaviour
prep list (emotional and mental drills)
monitoring of incoming information and false perception diffusion
leadership responsibilities allocation
round table input and training, belief base reviews and...

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