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Robin Hood Essay

  • Submitted by: bubblishxtreme
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The Shooting Match at Nottingham Town

It was the sheriff who thought of this,
A shooting match, with a prize to make men cry.
He knew Robin Hood would not miss this,
For the pure golden arrow he would pry.

And so it was, a grand shooting match,
Proclaimed to the north, south, east, and west.
When Robin Hood heard, it was a big snatch,
For he himself and his lads were the best.

Now the merry men began to prepare,
As the bright, golden arrow was waiting for them.
And so they journeyed to the fair,
But ever so carefully -- they might be condemned.

It was a fair day in Nottingham Town,
All the better folks were seated to watch.
Though the sheriff was hoping Robin hood would be found,
He had the urge to kick Robin Hood in the crotch.

In a tent gathered many skilled men,
Loudly boasting of their great skills.
Alas, many shot but soon there were only men of ten,
Six of the ten archers were famous throughout the hills.

An archer was in scarlet, wearing a patch o’er the eye,
But people ridiculed him, seeing how poor he was.
In one flash, the arrow flew up so high,
The sheriff jumped and said, “This man is a whiz!”

Secret Robin Hood took a second shot,
And ever so true, the arrow marked bulls eye.
Robin Hood, this young and merry lot,
Had won the match, without a try!

Little John and Will Stutely went to town,
As they wanted to tell Sheriff of his shame.
Once again the Sheriff was made into a clown,
And Robin Hood, once again, won the game.

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