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Robotic Surgery Essay

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Robotic Surgery; A Beneficial or Hindering Effect on Medicine
Technology has always been related to facilitate daily life. But what if technology becomes so advanced that through the growth of it, human skills become weaker and the human race as a whole loses their capabilities? Robotic surgery is a prime example of this philosophy. While doctors control the robot, the machine is doing most of the work. Although robotic surgery is more effective, easier, and causes fewer side effects, surgeons will be so dependent on it that they will lose their technical surgical skills.
Robotic surgery has many admirable aspects to it. Doctors find it to be very helpful and easier for them to see what they are working on. “The computer-enhanced technology and robotic precision ensure a level of surgical precision never before possible.” (“Advantages of Robotic Surgery” 1). Surgeons are now able to reach critical spots in the human body that were much more difficult and risky to reach with the human hand. They can now zoom in and out and are able to pay closer attention to their patient. Doctors are no longer hands-on; they do not have to worry about a shaking hand or the personal detachment they must make when performing a surgery. This procedure is better for patients in many ways as well.   With robotic surgery, patients usually have fewer side effects. In regular surgery, surgeons must cut open the chest and connect the patient to a heart-lung machine. With the use of robotics, doctors have now started to perform closed-chest heart surgeries. “Patients may leave the hospital sooner, wearing three Band-Aids instead of a long time of heavy metal staples” (William 2). This is very convenient for patients because they can go back to work sooner and continue with their everyday routines. This also benefits the healthcare in general by cutting the time patients need to stay in the hospital after their surgery and therefore will result in a momentous decrease in healthcare...

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