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Robots in Future! Essay

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                  “Robots in Future”
How robots will affect humans in future? What kind of robots will exist?   What will be the causes due to robots in our future generations? Imagine a world in which everything is being done by robots? Robot is any mechanical device that operates automatically with humanlike skill. Robots may seem like modern inventions, but mechanical men have lived in the imaginations of people as far back as the ancient Greeks. The idea of mechanical men as servants and household helpers took root in the 1890s and early 1900s. Then, in 1920, these mechanical men were given a name RUR Robots are created to help us earthlings with our work.   Robots are trained and have data to work that we haven’t done it because it was too dangerous or risky.   Basically many different type of robots exist today and they are very beneficial to us but according to scientists research the robots in future will be more advance and professional. But there is a predication that some robots will get negative data and they could make their own type of robots and destroy humans and take control over earth. But is that true? We are not sure it’s only a prediction.   The statement we have come up with is that the development of robots will be both beneficial and hinder our future!   So robots will affect us in positive and negative way.
In fact, robots will have a great impact on earth’s future and its environment. Thousands of robots exist today which are professionally advanced and helping us human beings with our daily life, defense and for other type of experiments. These robots are working in factories, houses, military, stores, mining, exploration and all other type of factors.   For example, ASIMO is a humanoid robot created by Honda.   Honda began inventing humanoid robots in the 1980s, which included various types of humanoid robots, Honda Company’s was to create a walking robot which could not only adapt and interact in human situations, but also improve...

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