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Roids Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on October 6, 2012
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Steroids, Greatly Misunderstood
It’s not your typical everyday conversation between you, friends, and family but when the subject of steroid use is brought up immediately everyone thinks of oversized muscle heads suffering from either “roid-rage“ or suicidal tendencies. In actuality these are extreme cases that get extra hype and publicity because of the few but intense incidents that the media focus their attention on. This skeptic view created by the news stations across our nation has tarnished the use of steroids and the benefits they bring with an image of drug dealers and deformed body builders. How dangerous are steroids? Anabolic steroids are essentially extremely safe and greatly beneficial for numerous health complications. If steroids are so great, why are so many people against expanding and continuing their use in medicine?
First I would like to make clear that this research paper is not on the side of legalizing the use of steroids were it could be accessible to all as easy Advil or Tylenol. The mere purpose of this paper is to research why the thought of expanding the use of medical steroid use brings horrors to peoples’ minds as well as cause great controversy. Steroids are harmful; it’s safe to say that most people see this as the only statement that can go hand in hand with the use of steroids. This general vision is so broad with only a handful of events, which are exploited by the media for better ratings, to support it. Most of these events are sport related deaths that get international air time on various television stations as well as newspaper and radio shows. What should be a period of honor and admiration to such popular and talented stars is turned into finger pointing, name calling, and over stating the fact that the use of steroids was involved in the incident. One of the biggest stories to ever come out was that of Chris Benoit who allegedly killed his wife, seven year old son, and then himself because of “roid-rage” (Dornin and...

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