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Role Models Essay

  • Submitted by: kaley0312
  • on September 18, 2012
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What is comedy? When watching comedies does it ever occur to you why the producers and authors put these characters together? Did the clown slipping on the banana have any significance or was it just to make the audience laugh? Too much of surprise, the lines spoken by the actors and slips and falls taken place throughout comedies have much significance.
Throughout the chapter titled, “American Comedy” written by John Belton describes to us how comedies have evolved over the past decades. Belton states that “if American film comedy plays with sexual, racial, ethnic and class differences, it is because our culture as a whole denies their existence in the supposedly egalitarian democracy of contemporary America. And, because comedy is never take seriously, American film comedy can often deal with these issues more openly that can other, more official genres, such as the historical film or the Western” (165). Actors and producers can get away with numerous things in comedies that would never fly in real life. For example, in today’s world legalizing gay marriages in a major debatable issue and concern. Produces make movies such as “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” to ease the issue of legalizing gay marriages. Throughout that movie there are numerous gay slurs and homosexual behavior that gets laughed off and unnoticed due to it being in a comical manner. In the movie “Role Models”, there are racial slurs placed throughout the movie. For example, Ronnie, Wheeler’s little brother makes numerous comments about him being black throughout the movie such as “just because I’m black doesn’t mean I did it” or when playing a soccer video game at the party “I’m black, I can’t play soccer”. Because he is a young boy, and since it’s a comical movie, comments like this get overlooked. When producing a movie, do writers ever have any boundaries? Is there ever a line they know they cannot pass? It seems that as years pass by, comedies become more and more vulgar. Instead of...

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