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Role Swap Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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Written Assignment #1 – Role Swap (Option #1)
HIS-243254-01X-12SP2 - U.S. Women’s History: Lives and Voices
M01 A1-Written Assignment #1

My name is Pocahontas, and I am the daughter of a powerful paramount chief, named
Powhatan.   Powhatan is also the name of our people and we are an Algonquian speaking people as well.  
As a Native American woman, I am “certainly the most well-known woman in the first years of
permanent British settlement on the Virginia coast.” (DuBois, Carol, and Dumenil p. 26)   As Algonquians,
also known as agricultural people, we are engaged in the farming, fishing, hunting and gathering for our
family.   Additionally, most of our time was spent doing difficult tasks of processing food to include: the
drying, pounding, packing and storing the cornmeal that was made for the winter months.   As an Indian
woman,we were also able to gather wild plants, fish, produce many items for our household, participate
in the hunting process, and in bringing the wild game home.   Also, we were responsible for other tasks
in our village, to include: the setting up of our camps and in dismantling them as well.

Native American women had certainly played an important role in the Indian community.   Also, in regards to the seventeenth century colonial housewife, the Native American women had numerous roles to include: being a worker who was productive, a community member, as well as a family member.   “In general, coastal Indians created a division of work roles not unlike that of the colonists, in which women engaged in domestic production or work that took place near where they lived, while men’s work ranged farther afield, involved more danger, and required their absence from the village.” (Woloch p. 17) It is also noted that the clan was the sole unit socially and kinship was the basis of the political and social arrangements of the family.   Additionally, the farming tribes were usually, but not always thought of as being...

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