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Roman Empire Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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Huns 440-450: Under the Kings Rugilla and Attila, the Huns leader decided to raid north of Constantinople and demanded increasing tributes this was just the beginning of what would become a full out war between the Huns and the Roman Empire. Eastern Emperor Marcian refuses the higher tribute payments in 450 this resulted in battle in the Catalanian Fields.
Battle of Catalanian 451: The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains also called the Battle of Châlons sur Marne. An alliance led by the Visigoth king Theodoric I and the Roman general Flavius Aëtius, against the Huns and their allies commanded by their leader Attila. It was one of the last major military operations of the Western Roman Empire though Visigoth soldiers also formed the core of the allied Roman army. The battle resulted in a victory for the Western Roman Empire and greatly delayed the Huns attempt to overthrow Western Europe.
Attila's death 453: In 453 Attila death was not one that anybody could have expected for a warrior. On the night of his marriage, he drank too much, which was very surprising within itself. Attila wasn’t known to as a heavy drinker. After his celebration, he fell flat on his back, had a massive nose bleed, and ended up choking on his own blood.    
Last Western Emperor 476: Romulus Augustus’ father thought the people would accept someone with more roman blood, so he made his young son take the throne. The eastern empire refuses to respect him, and still support Julius Nepos. Romulus Augustus received much mockery, and at one point Romulus' was changed to Momyllus, which means 'little disgrace'. After only ten months on the throne, a serious mutiny of the troops arose.

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