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Rome & Juliet Essay

  • Submitted by: Stacymae28
  • on October 18, 2013
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we will commence with Romeo., he comes across as a rebel however he is also a lover– a hopeless lover nevertheless—but balances off himself as Mother nature intended it to be.
He pledges his undying love for Rosaline , who declares that she will remain chase until she dies. This causes Romeo to fall into depression from being rejected and lovesick all at the same time.   For Rosaline, this behavior was unconventional as women in this era are condition all their lives to be conventional beings who se destiny is to be courted by a gentleman who they would marry and live happily ever after.   Women were not suppose to chose the life of being celibate as a quality of being a woman was to produce children. The action of celibacy in turn cause Rome to react first by lust   which later caused him to be unstable and depressed… Rosaline was important in that she help to build Romeo’s level of tolerance and endurance for love which is something very beautiful but has a harsh side as well. The encounter builds Romeo’s maturity level however he pays a   great price for as love was over powering him.
This rejections through Romeo into a delusional state of depression concerns his family as they discuss him as an individual who is sick and needs attention.   He describes himself as, “Out of her favor where I am in love.” (Act I, Scene 1, 166).   He is obsessed with her beauty, but he does not talk to her, “Show me a mistress that is passing fair, what doth her beauty serve, but as a note/Where I may read who passed that passing fair” (Act I, Scene1, 232-34).   Poor Romeo continues on as an aggressive male would in is walk of persistency in the game of love by shunning the pledge of chastity   that he also begins to isolate himself from society…..spends his time in despair: “Under Love’s heavy burden I do sink” (Act I, Scene 4, 22).   Being the main character and an unstable being to love, his character is one that carries an earthly character that both suitors and courter can...

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