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Ronald Reagan Interview Essay

  • Submitted by: SylvesterJoseph
  • on September 19, 2012
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Reagan Remembered (Interview)

      It is clear to everyone that Ronald Regan was among the most important presidents of the 20th Century. He presided over many changes in the American history as he was a transformative leader. He presented Americans with a revolution that brought diverse values and ideas to the forefront of the American life. The revolution came to be known as the Reagan Revolution. It is for this that Americans and the entire world feels that his name deserves to be attached to the epoch between 1980 and 1992: the Reagan Era. Only Andrew Jackson has had the honor to have an era named after him.
      In order to establish the events that changed the American history, this study conducts an interview with Howard Cliff who recalls the Reagan Era and the events that took place during this period. Cliff was a political analyst during this era hence has in-depth information regarding Reagan, his administration, the events that took place and all the political undertakings that took place during this era.

Q: Mr. Cliff, would please take us through what you recall about Reagan? Was he transformative and did he alter the history of America? (Howards, N.d).
A: Well, Reagan had changed the attitude of many Americans by the end of 1980s. The population looked at the state with renewed optimism. He had effectively defeated Communism that had plagued the country for centuries and placed America on the global platform as the only world superpower. The inflation and economic misery of the 1970s and the early 1980s had paved way for vast global wealth and prosperity. He had managed to create a public imagination in a new swashbuckling patriotism. The optimism and patriotism had been personified by the enduring president.

Q: How did Reagan manage to salvage the United States from economic crisis and the inflation of the 1970s and the early...

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