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Roof Farming Essay

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Problem Identification:
The green roof will be at the center of this analysis and investigation onto the impacts of the green roof on other building systems. Value Engineering can unknowingly overlook cost effective benefits that can add real value and reduce total project costs and schedule.  
Research Goal:
To identify the cost and impact of green roof farming on system associated with building. To develop a way to ensure that project should be claimed to achieve target at a lower cost and within a shorter duration.
ANALYSIS: Introduction:
This analysis started with an investigation into the green roof. The properties of the green roof analyzed included: cost, thermal efficiency, storm water storage capacity, weight, and construction duration. The storm water retention of the green roof will affect the grey water system sizing and capacity. Weight reduction provides potential for a reduction of the steel framing members, which will be studied as a breadth topic. Thermal properties of the green roof system are very complex and will require careful and creative considerations. Construction duration for the roof system can be reduced dramatically. Finally, cost will be studied with changes and impacts of the other systems to determine the viability of the green roof. To conclude this analysis taking Value Engineering and Schedule Reduction into consideration will determine the risks and opportunities associated with Optimizing Value Engineering.  
Green Roof Back Ground:
Design incorporates and extensive green roof as part of the roof system. Extensive green roof is an innovative use of the thermal and moisture properties associated with soil and plant life material to create a sustainable feature in many modern day construction projects. This particular type of green roof, extensive, provides capacity of only up to 6” of soil on top of the roof. In Figure, a simplified diagram of the extensive green roof utilized...

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