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Router and Switch Configuration Essay

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Router and Switch Configuration

David Clanton

Introduction to WAN Technologies/IT242


Michael Sthultz

Basic Router and Switch Installation and Configuration

To install a switch you first connect your devices to the switch. The cable cannot be more than 100 meters in length to connect to other devices. If the end jacks both have an X or both have nothing then you need to use a crossover cable to connect from one device to another without using a hub. (Gilman, 2010, p.1)

When you turn on the switch it will perform a self test and show you the results using the LED lights on the front panel. Then you can connect a computer to the console port so you can configure the switch. That will allow you to gain access to the command interface. (Gilman, 2010, p.1)

Switch Reload
According to University of Phoenix Introduction to WAN technologies Toolwire Lab (2008),
to reload the switch, first you must type in Enable and press enter. This will bring you into the privileged EXEC mode. The command prompt will change from ‘>’ to ‘#’

To erase the startup configuration file, type in erase startup-config, confirm the command by pressing enter again when prompted.

Type reload, and press enter to reload the switch. Type no, and press enter on the next prompt, confirm by pressing enter again.

When the reload is complete, type no and press enter in response to the next question.

Switch reload is now complete, and now we will be completing the initial device setup.

Initial Device Setup
Bring up the command prompt by pressing the enter button.

Enter the privileged EXEC mode by typing in enable, and pressing enter.

Now type in configure terminal, and press enter. You are in the global configuration mode when the prompt changes from the pound sign to (config)#.
Now type no logging console and press enter, this turns off the distracting console messages.

Enter the global configuration mode by typing in...

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