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Rsa Algorithm Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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RSA Algorithm was discovered by a group of three scientists namely Ron Rivest,Adi Shamir and Len Adleman and was first published in 1978.

The RSA scheme is a block cipher in which the plain text and cipher text are integers between 0 and n-1 for some n.
A Typical size of n is 1024 bits or 309 decimal digits.
This is a public key encryption scheme.

In this scheme two pairs of integers {e, n} and {d, n} are used. First of them i.e. {e.n} is called the RSA public key and the other one i.e. {d, n} is called the RSA secret key.

    The sender uses the public key and encrypts the message say M into cipher text as –

                              C =   M^e mod n.
Where C is the cipher text and M is the message or the plane text
At the receiving end the receiver accept the cipher text C and decrypt the C into M using secret key {d, n}-

                        M = C^d mod n.

Let ,   e=3, d=7, n=33.
Suppose the message is ‘SUN’ and we use the numeric values of the characters according to their serial in alphabets.

    Plaintext                 Ciphertext(C)                   after decryption

Sym     num   M^3     M^3 mod33       C^7           C^7mod33   sym
  S         19     6859       28               13492928512     19             S
  U         21     9261       21                 1801088541       21           U
  N         14     2744       5                   78125                 14           N


The process of Key Generation contain the following steps

  1- Select two prime numbers say p and q randomly
      Where p ≠ q.

    2- Calculate-
                    n = p *q.
    3- Calculate Ø(n) = (p-1) (q-1)
            What is Ø(n)?
Ø(n) is called the Euler’s Totient function.
      It is the no. of positive integers that are relative prime to n and are less then n.
For example: - to determine Ø(35), we list all the...

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