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Rspca Involvment In Animal Cruelty Essay

  • Submitted by: lexiamary94
  • on February 18, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Rspca Involvment In Animal Cruelty" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The act of animal cruelty is a repulsive and unfathomable action that arises a broad degree of emotional responses from all different kinds of people. It is a topic that is being fervently debated in the media at the moment by animal activists and regular citizens alike that share the same incongruity for the welfare of innocent animals. Entering into the argument was Jan Heald who was majorly affected by an article published by ‘The Age’ and along with others wrote a letter to the editor. This article was titled “RSPCA is just a paper tiger”. Heald emphasizes her main contention that the RSPCA’s limited action in response to animal cruelty is dismal and will reduce the confidence in the organization and will ultimately lead to brutal deaths of animals without being investigated or attempted to stop¬. She emphasises that the RSPCA should not be worried about the legal consequences when it comes to the welfare of animals, because isn’t their point in the organisation is to stop disloyal behaviours of animals no matter what? She raises her view on the issue with calm, alluring tone, which as the article goes on turns aggressive, and attacking yet still maintaining her concerned tone. Also another disappointed citizen about the weakening responsibilities of the RSPCA organisation is Lawrence Pope, president of the Victorian Advocates for Animals, who took the time to stress his view to ‘The Age’ titling his article “Many have the power to act”. Popes’ argument was that Victorian Police Officers, council officers and others in positions of authority are not doing their part to the best of their ability because they too have the okay to protect the animals, yet are leaving others to take responsibility for the welfare of the animals. Pope utilizes his position of authority and exercises a dependable, political and forceful tone to express his view.   Also another addition to the argument is Dean Hayden, with a letter entitled “Specious argument”, also for ‘The Age’. He...

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