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Run Lola Run Hsc Essay

  • Submitted by: lindaapham
  • on October 19, 2013
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How does the composer use visual techniques to portray the main themes in the film “Run, Lola Run”?
Run, Lola Run directed by Tom Twyker   and The Scream by Edvard Munch uses visual techniques to communicate messages to the audience and engages them in the experiences that the visual images create, allowing them to view the world in different perspectives. Twyker uses the cyclical technique to show different versions of the same 20 minutes, each time being altered resulting in a different pathway showing that a little can change a lot. The main themes that are portrayed through the use of visual techniques are chance, time and the idea that love overpowers everything. These themes are conveyed through the use of cinematic techniques such as camera shots and angles, editing, animation and background music. Edvard’s “The Scream” is a painted portrait which shows the characters losing of oneself.
The film is structured into three scenarios to create a fast-paced film full of images which involve the audience in the characters experience. The effect of the cyclical technique that is used in this film accentuates the idea that Lola’s unsuccessful resolutions causes her to look at the world in a different way, allowing her to correct her mistakes and constantly look for resolutions showing that she will not give up until she obtains a positive outcome and that over time she has learned from her previous mistakes.
Twyker keeps the focus on time through visual techniques such as camera angles, editing and symbolism. The transition of close-up of the talisman on the pendulum to a lower angled shot of the face of the talisman in the beginning of the film shows the powerful position of time over us which places the audience in a submissive position emphasising the significance of time throughout the film. When Lola is outside the bank in the first run, a young woman walks towards Lola, editing is used to show that as the woman reaches Lola she transforms into an old lady,...

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