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Running Record Essay

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Emotional/Social Development Observation
Due Session 5
Observe the student in a social situation that is non-academic (e.g. recess, lunch, play). This observation should help you gather data on how the student interacts with others. Observe how a child interacts with other children.
  * Does the student play with different or only the same children?

  * Does the student share?
  * Does the student initiate activities or waits to be invited? What kinds of activities does she enjoy with others?
  * How does a student interact with teachers and other adults?
  * Is the student able to ask for help?
  * Does the student require a lot of attention or direction? Does the student ask for constant praise?
  *   Does the student enjoy talking with the teacher?
  * Does the student spend time with adult visitors in the classroom?

The write-up of each observation (suggested length of 2 pages) must include the following 2 components:

  1. Running Record – 1-2 pp
Candidates record each of the three 5-10 minute observations using a running record. This should be completed while observing the student.   A good running record is a detailed observation done at the moment the observed event is occurring.

2.   Inferences -1 page maximum
In the second section of the write up, candidates analyze the observation and share their findings. Candidates focus on what insight the observation has provided into the student's developmental abilities and needs in a specific domain.   Candidates should refer to the course readings on the related developmental domain to connect their inferences to specific developmental theories.   The supporting readings are found in the session in which the observation write-up is due.    

Observations must be completed before the indicated class session above and all two components of the write-up: the running record and inferences must be submitted on that date. Candidates will receive the Instructor’s feedback on their...

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