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Sammy Essay

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March 15, 2011
          Hour 2-3

Animal Rights

Animals are living creatures just like humans are; however, do they deserve the rights humans have? Animals are harmed for many different things. They are killed in factory farms for food, they are killed for fashion, they are hunted and fished for, and they are used for entertainment. All of these things are things that the animals certainly would not enjoy. Animal rights is a very controversial topic that many people feel very strongly about, and then a lot of other people don’t even give a thought about it. Do animals have emotions? Are they aware of the situation when they are walking to their death?
Factory farming is an industrial process that uses practices of mass production to animal farming. Animals are considered not individual beings, but as a way to get eggs, meat, leather, etc. The goal is to maximize output and profit. The animals are manipulated through breeding, feeding, confinement, and chemicals to lay eggs faster, fatten more quickly, and make leaner meat. Costs are minimized by recycling carcasses through feed, giving the animals minimal space, not providing bedding (which gets soiled and needs cleaning), and other practices. So this is a very efficient money-making business. We need this food from these animals and this is the fastest way to do it. But how is it done? Calves are kept in narrow crates which prevent them from turning; they can only stand or lie down. They are kept in the dark with no contact with other animals.   Also, the chemicals and hormones put into these animals to reduce health problems in the animals, and speed production may actually harmful to the people who eat it. Over 6 million cows are killed each year. When all of these cows are walking to the slaughterhouse, they know. Cows are killed fast and painlessly with a bullet right through the skull, but even if no suffering is involved, the killing of millions of sensitive, intelligent animals cannot be...

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