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Sample - A First Hand Guide To Secret Snacking Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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A First hand guide to secret snacking
Okay - so everyone has their highs points and their low. However, records have shown that 68% of men and women get over their low points by constantly snacking.
But is this necessarily a bad thing?
‘Skip the chips’- the food standards’ new catch phrase. All across the media we are being constantly reminded that snacking is bad. Food standards claim that snacking is one of the main reasons as to why you may have a heart attack, why we gain weight, why our teeth are falling out and why we experience other terrifying consequences.
This, however, is not true!
So pull out a packet of your favourite veggie chips whilst I tell a few sneaky ways to snack successfully.
Bran Muffins
10th February 2011
We all want to happily eat muffins without the worry of ‘muffin tops’.   Today’s society is convinced; if we add bran to everything it will automatically become healthy. Wrong. Does adding bran cancel out the 200 grams of sugar? Or the 250 grams of flour? Or the 50 grams of butter used to give your muffins the richest glazed top? No. So my solution is to halve then divide.   By this you halve the ingredients, saving calories and money, and then divide the size of the muffins you bake. This way you can still snack on your favourite chocolate and banana mini muffins without worrying about feeling bloated afterwards.
Top Tip: Add at least one healthy, yet tasty, ingredient to your mixture. Fruits like banana, blueberry and apple add volume, flavour and individuality to your muffins with a side kick of the unexpected.
Fruit and Fibre
Ah- the good old fruit and fibre bars. Everyone’s favourite sneaky snack, it is rich in fibre, whole wheat, raisins and other healthy ingredients with a brilliant ending. Nevertheless sometimes you just can’t weigh up the fruit and fibre bar to a bar of chocolate. To solve this craving is to balance.
It is not a sin to want to treat yourself once in a while and not feel bad about it....

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