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Sarbanes Oxley Essay

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Sarbanes Oxley
The Sarbanes Oxley is a law that is supposed to ensure the reliability of publicly reported financial information and bolster confidence in U.S. capital markets. This law was passed on July 20, 2002 by President George Bush. The point behind passing this law was to respond to the incident in the early 1900’s called The Great Depression. He wanted to give the American investors more confidence in taking part in today’s market. Sarbanes Oxley is a good system but it can put a lot of stress on a business and many corporations. Many private and nonprofit companies are facing many market pressures to conform to the Sarbanes Oxley’s standards. If private companies don’t accept Sarbanes Oxley’s governance they could face difficulty in raising capital, higher insurance premiums, greater civil liability, and a loss of status among potential customers, investors, and donors.
For the past 70 years, U.S. securities laws have made requirements of regular reporting of all results of a company's financial status and operations. The Sarbanes Oxley mainly makes sure that a companys reports are accurate and that they rely on the process of how the information was gathered. Before the Sarbanes Oxley was passed the Securities Act of 1933 was the main regulatory system. The 1933 Act required that investors receive financial information on securities that are being offered for public sale, and it prohibits deceit, false advertisements, and other frauds in the sale of securities. The Securities and Exchange Commission or (SEC) requires all corporations to register their stock and securities that they offer to the public. The SEC’s requirement is that the information a company provides must be accurate and that it is certified by independent accountants. Now there are some loopholes on Sarbanes Oxley. Not all securities offerings must be registered with the SEC. A couple of them are that private offerings to a limited number of persons or institutions, offerings of...

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