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Sbe 440 Course Project Devry University Essay

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  • on August 21, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Sbe 440 Course Project Devry University" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

SBE 440 Course Project Devry University

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Product Description

SBE 440 Course Project Devry University

SBE440 Course Project Devry University
SBE440 Week 2 Assignment RL's Customs Full Feasibility Analysis
SBE440 Week 3 Assignment Business Plan
SBE440 Week 4 Assignment Management Team
SBE440 Week 5 Assignment Operations Plan and Product Development Plan
SBE440 Week 6 Assignment Financial Analysis
SBE440 All 7 Weeks Discussions    

SBE440 Course Project   /Devry  
SBE440 Week 4 Business plan draft
SBE440 Week 7 Business planning week 7 course project.
SBE440 Week 8   Sales Pitch
SBE440 Week 8   Sales presentation

SBE440 Week 1 To 7   Discussions /Devry  
SBE440 Week 1 DQ   1 Business Planning
SBE440 Week 1 DQ   2 From Concept to a Business
SBE440 Week 2 DQ   1 The 60 Second Elevator Pitch
SBE440 Week 2 DQ   2   Identifying the Competition
SBE440 Week 3 DQ   1 Inducing Your Customers to Buy
SBE440 Week 3 DQ   2 Promoting a New Business
SBE440 Week 4 DQ   1 Small Businesses' Legal Structures
SBE440 Week 4 DQ   2 Management Resources
SBE440 Week 5 DQ   1 Key Initial Operating Decisions
SBE440 Week 5 DQ   2 Operational Controls
SBE440 Week 6 DQ   1 Cash Flow Operating Assumptions
SBE440 Week 6 DQ   2   Exit Strategies
SBE440 Week 7 DQ   1 Information Gathering
SBE440 Week 7   DQ   2   Rating Your Plan
SBE440 Week 2 Assignment RL's Customs Full Feasibility Analysis
Top of Form
Name of the proposed business
RL’s Customs
Name of the founder (or founders)
One paragraph summary of the business
RL’s Customs is a retail shop located in Salem, Indiana. My product focus is on tires, wheels, and aftermarket parts. Salem is a rather small town with a current population estimated around 6,172. It is also a fairly low-income town. The bonus factor in strategically placing my shop in this area is the acquaintances and...

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