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Scared Essay

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"Fear I used to have"

Fear is the feeling that you can feel when you are afraid, in danger or in trauma. In Webster Dictionary it means that it is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. Each one of us have fear/s in life. It can be a thing, an animal, emotion, the person you love and many more. But for me all of us have fear to God. And when the fear becomes intense it will result to a Phobia.

Did you experience to cry for something you are afraid of?   Or if you don’t cry what was your reaction to it? In my experience I cried and scream a lot. Because I have an Ornithophobia. Ornithophobia is a fear from birds. I got that fear when I was in elementary school.
My mother tell me about her story when she was a kid. When she was a kid she was run after by a big turkey, and after that I had a nightmare that when I was sleeping in my bed a turkey with an ugly face is beside me standing.   And after that I started to be afraid with birds.
My second experience is when I was in our province, my cousin is feeding her chickens and she give some of the feeds to me. I tried to feed them but when I start putting some feeds, they chased me. I entered my grandmother’s house and lock all the doors and start crying.
And my last experience is when I’m in grade 6. We have a practice in one of our classmate’s house. They have a cage filled with a lots of pigeon. All of my classmates know that I am scared with birds, and one of my classmate catch one of the pigeon and scared me by putting the pigeon near me. And again I shout and cry out loud.

And there is a fear that everybody knows. The Fear from God. We all know that God is the most powerful creator. He can tell when you will die. When is the happiest day of your life. In short He know the story of your life. I am afraid that God won’t let me enter in His Kingdom Heaven. I am afraid that God will punish me to all my sins. And now I’m starting the new me, and one by one removing...

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