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Scenes in Poisonwood Bible Essay

  • Submitted by: sashaferdi12345
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: English
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There are a lot of scenes in The Poisonwood Bible that I could I write about but I think the one the inflicted the strongest reaction out of me is the Red Ant Scene. I was literally on the edge of my seat when reading this and I went through a range of emotions from anger to happiness. This scene shows the reader a lot about all of the characters and how each react to a crisis. To set the scene up for you a little bit. The scene is during the red ant siege on the land. Every so often the red ants come out of the jungle like a plague, eating everything (and everyone) in sight. Ms. Kingsolver had me at the edge of my chair, barely breathing while reading this chapter. I still get scared thinking about the scene today and have never looked at a red ant the same way since. I think the reason this scene is so significant is because it brings out elements of each character's personality that until this moment had been hidden from others and I think from the character herself. I think because of the seriousness of the scene it somewhat serves as a climax, even though the real one has yet to come. The way Rachel reacts is not a surprise only more confirmation of what we’ve thought all along that she only cares about one thing, herself. In Anatole’s words she is a "demon," trampling ruthlessly over other’s to save her own life. Mean while Leah falls in love with Anatole and by doing so has lost her religion. She feels "the breath of God go cold on her skin". It takes the panic caused by the ants to finally cut her ties to a belief in a just and comforting God. Thinking that they are all about to die, she no longer feels forced to believe in something she has probably not really believed in for many months. Whereas now Leah has a new faith to believe in, her love for Anatole, waiting to rush in and fill the gap left behind. Adah has nothing to fill it and it is not until much later that she finds her own comfort in science. Adah's crisis is more devastating than Leah's for...

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