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Schimidt Co Essay

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Project Management
SchmidtCO (A) ERP Automated SystemHarvard Business School
Executive summary
SchmidtCo based in Philadelphia (imports) as a master N. America for European
industrial and automotive manufacturers
for replacement parts

SchmidtCo manpower around 90 employees worin! in Philadelphia" #A" and $e%ico City and wasestablished in &9'0 by ohn Schmidt !randfather and run by his father. ohn Schmidt ('*year*old) operations mana!er and also pro+ect mana!er ma+orin! in electrical , electronic en!ineerin! !raduate was mana!in! E-P automated system worin! inSchmidtCo for around fie years. /e is e%perienced as electronic warfare in S Air 1orce and continuin! to wor alon! with hisfather at SchmidtCo. 2hile mana!in! SchmidtCo it was reali3ed by ohn that inentory mana!ement system was to be adoptedfor effectie functionin! and mana!ement with the help of an automated system (Enterprise -e4uirements Plannin!" E-P). 5his system was su!!ested to mana!e and control its supplies and 4uantities aailability of automobile parts and spare parts fromnuts to radiators as they had been manually mana!in! appro%imately &0"000 different items distributed in different locations.SchmidtCo was ineffectiely runnin! with an obsolete &6*year*old system that also sometimes had to mana!e manually and the pro+ect was behind schedule for  months and e%ceeded S7 '0"000. 5he system was of bad 4uality and functionin! inefficientlythat een caused the loss of their customer who ran out of business.

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