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Schindlers Essay

  • Submitted by: alexisstinks
  • on January 6, 2013
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1. Throughout the entire film, there are constant examples of prejudice or discrimination. Some examples that I remembered the most were   when stores owned by Jewish people were targeted and ransacked, when all people of the Jewish fate were forced to wear yellow stars, and when Jewish families were forced out of their homes and into cramped death camps. When I was watching the film, I constantly tried to picture what it must have been like to be them. I could not imagine the pain that those people must have felt when they were forced to wear special tags just because they believed in something different.   As if they were a different species or animals. I feel like I need to apologize for the actions that those people did because they were just so terrible and unforgivable.
2. The Nazi police used fear to get the people to do what they or the government wanted. They threatened the people’s families or their welfare. When in the concentration camps, the soldiers would have surprise drills and attacks.   They would starve and again threaten them with death. Even though in the end   they would wind up killing them anyway. In the movie, Amon Goeth shows a good example of what the soldiers would often do.   First he kills a woman who was not only trying to help with the construction of the camp, but   he then follows what she was saying anyway. And he begins to snipe and pick people off from his balcony for sport just because they weren’t walking fast enough.
3. Everyone knows that the living conditions of concentration or extermination camps were the farthest from good, let alone tolerable. People were forced and cramped together in military like barracks.   People sleeping on the floors and on top of one another. And the more they starved them, the more they could fit per cabin. There was no insulation or barrier from the cold during the winter. As for the working conditions, people would work all day either expanding the camp they were imprisoned in or hauling dead...

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