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Science Essay

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Assignment 1
Introduction to Physical Science
Pei-Hwa Lo
Marty Montgomery
October 28, 2012

Discuss how energy can be converted from one form to another, giving specific examples.
We are able to adapt energy from one form to another, such as in the case of a steam engine which will converts heat energy to mechanical energy or the electric bulb which will convert electrical energy into heat and light energy.   From what I read in the Laws of Conservation Energy, it is not possible to create or destroy energy, it is only able to be transferred and transformed, an example of that would be a bow and arrow, which is when the retracted string with the positioned arrow has elastic potential energy, and when it is released it becomes kinetic energy which allows the arrow to move.   Energy is sometimes difficult to understand because it’s not tangible and is seen when it changes from one form to another. We need energy because it is necessary for work to be completed.   We learn that once energy is, the Law of Conservation of Energy necessitates that no energy can be lost.   (Johnston, 2012)
Define what we mean by fossil fuels and explain why there are attractive sources of energy.
Fossil fuels are fossil source fuels, for example carbon or hydrocarbons which are found in the earth’s crust, and are formed through a natural process. Fossil fuels are forms of organic material which are from the remains of dead plants and animals, common fossil fuels created from raw organic minerals are coal, petroleum, and natural gas.   We are learning in this day and age that fossil fuels are quickly becoming diminished resources and because of this we are harming our environment. Fossil fuel resources are attractive because it is the primary source for the production of electricity, the combustion of these fuels discharges their chemical energy, which produces heat to power steam turbines. (Johnston, 2012)
Describe two different energy alternatives to fossil fuels in detail.
Solar radiation...

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