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Science Essay

  • Submitted by: beccasmoove23
  • on January 6, 2013
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Rebecca Jean
Class: 801   11/8/12  

There are many countries I really want to go to. There are amazing cities such as Italy, Australia, China, and etc. But there's this one country that I heard many stories about. That country is called Ireland. When I was little, I always think there were leprechauns but I guess it's not true; or is it? I always wonder how Ireland gets its name. I realized that Ireland got its name after a Celtic Fertility goddess. Ireland is an island to the north-west of continental Europe. It's the third largest island in Europe. The Atlantic Ocean is to the west of Ireland. The languages that are spoken in Ireland is Irish, English, and Scot. Usually, Irish people speak English with their accents.
Ireland has many values in their country. Their famous for so many things that everybody use today. Their famous for leprechauns, shamrocks, the color green, Irish dancing (tapping), red hair, horse racing, luck, and etc. Ireland has so many religions that you can't even pronounce. But there are 2 major religions and there are called Protestants and Catholics. The Catholics are located in the southern border and the Protestants are located on the northern border. There are more Catholics than Protestants; about 95 percent of Ireland's population is Catholic. There's some unusual things about Ireland. Its preposterous. For example, they don’t talk to each other in the elevators. They also drink red lemonade. HOW do you make red lemonade?! I would like to know. Another unusual thing about Ireland is that the biggest stars are mostly puppets. Lastly, they wear their “good clothes” on Sundays. Ireland has so many interesting buildings (mansions) and attractions such as the Blarney Castle. The Blarney Castle is one of Ireland’s quintessential attractions, a visit to Blarney Castle and kissing the Blarney Stone is high on most people's list of things to do in Ireland.   Another attraction in Ireland is Barryscourt Castle. There's many stories behind...

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