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Science-Clean Water Essay

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Clean drinking water is essential to a human being for survival. Unclean water with its containing parasites when consumed can cause various diseases that could potentially lead to death. If this trend continues for the next 18 years, it is possible that we will most likely see increased illnesses and deaths from contaminated water.
In less developed countries, water is scarce and there is only a limited amount of clean water that is accessible. As a result, it is likely that conflict will occur as people fight for the little resources that are left. For example, in Haiti as a result of the earthquake, their clean water supply became a major concern. Haiti’s daily use was cut down to 75L or less of water a day. Because of the inadequate supply of clean water, many news agencies reported local Haitians looting and stealing from those with access to this supply. In addition, a number of these agencies reported deaths and illnesses directly linked to the shortage of clean water.
If these two thirds of countries without adequate clean water begins to increase, Canada will have to come up with a solution on how to ensure that our water remains clean. The pollution of our water is something that Canada needs to take very seriously. If pollution is allowed to go unchecked it has the ability to ruin our lakes, streams, rivers and ponds. If there is pollution in the areas where we get our water, the supply is affected and so are the people that depend on this water. Some examples of water pollution are: discharges from power plants, urban and agricultural runoff, industrial discharges and sewage.
As a solution Canada may consider creating stronger laws on water pollution. Many people dump their garbage in creeks, unused areas, forests, and many more places. These people know that the chances of getting caught are very slim. The Canadian law for illegal dumping has a fine of $380.00. For the companies that partake in illegal dumping this fine is not even considered a...

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