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Science Fiction or Science Fact: Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Science Fiction or Science Fact: Artificial Intelligence
Kimberly Woody
Computer Literacy
Instructor Fekete
Ashford University


  I. History of AI
  a. Who created AI?
  b. What is AI?

Use of AI
  a. DARPA
  b. AI and cars

  III. AI and the Future
  a. Humans and Robot Ethics
  b. Super Intelligence
  c. Singularity

  IV. Conclusion

Science Fiction or Science Fact: Artificial Intelligence

We have watched futuristic films such as the 1968 flick 2001: A Space Odyssey and Steven Spielberg’s 2001 film A.I, to the 2004 action thriller I Robot. We take our families and friends to see these movies and we are thrilled by their plots and detailed graphics that leave the mind to wonder what if. We walk out of the theatre thinking that was a good movie, but do we take into consideration that by the year 2045 we could actually live our lives as the lives of the people in these movies are portrayed.   Imagine living among machines of steel created to mimic the way a human being can think and speak. These immortal beings would be able to prepare our family’s favorite meals and would make sure that the daily household chores are complete and checked off the to-do list. Imagine watching the evening news channel to witness a broadcast that a human-like robot is being sent into space to act as an ambassador for the planet Earth. These ideas may appear to be far-fetched but these futuristic beliefs are not very far from becoming our reality. In this paper, I will discuss the history and uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in civilian life and how the advancement of AI technology can lead us to living in singularity.
In 1950, a British mathematician named Alan Turing declared that by the 21st century there would be a machine that could think the same way a human being thinks.   Turing introduced a test for computer intelligence appropriately named the Turing Test (Copeland, 2000). The test involves three...

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