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Science V.S. Religion Essay

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Science explains the origin of the universe as the big bang theory where there was a huge explosion and the basic foundation of the universe was laid out. The origin of earth is that after the big bang meteors collided to form Earth. Now the origins of humans says that we evolved from apes to humans. There are many ways science explains the origins of the universe, earth, and humans. That is one way science explains the origins of the universe, earth, and humans.

Christianity explains the origins of the universe and earth as God said bam and we had a universe, and God said bam and we had earth. It also says that God said bam on the 6th day and we had Adam but adam got lonely so when he fell asleep God took one of his ribs and made Eve. Then god said don't eat any apples from this one tree and the devil came to eve and said to eat it and she did. when Eve ate the apple God was furious and kicked them out of the garden. after he kicked them out he skinned a lion and gave them clothes and they began to populate the earth.

Both religion and science could be correct because some parts of the bible could be lost in translation or just translated wrong. Also there are so many scientific theories that parts of them must be correct. Plus there are so many religions some will match parts of some scientific theories. Also we could be wrong and there really be just some way we formed. for all we know we could of evolved, appeared, or devolved.
It is important to understand human origins to people all over the world because many people believe it is important to know your history and where you came from. Also some people just like to know their own history. Some people don’t care about their history but when they start to learn they want to know the rest. Plus some people believe one thing and learn another version of their history they believe more. That is why knowing our history is important.

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