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Sck2604 19 Propositions. Lars and the Real Girl Essay

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  • on August 6, 2015
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SCK2604 – ASSIGNMENT 02   - 589093 | August 3
Saadiqua Van Heerden             -           53927923 | Ms L Strydom |

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  1. “Behaviour is basically the goal-directed attempt of the organism to satisfy its needs as experienced in the field as perceived.” (Rogers 1987: 491)
My impression of Lars is that he suffers from a disorder that stems from a transitional error in his development. This means that at some stage of his childhood development he was unable to successfully progress to the next phase. This is seen with his attachment to the blanket his mother made when she was pregnant with him. We know that he is attached to it because in the movie he is seen still using it and is anxious to get it back from his sister in-law after he had borrowed it to her. This transitional error resulted in his disinterest and avoidance of social situations, members of the community and his own family, disinterest in sexual experiences and lack of intimate relationships. This need for isolation seems to be a choice. This proposition explains every human beings basis of behaviour which is to satisfy a need, whether it is conscious or unconscious. In relation to the movie, it explains why Bianca was invented – to satisfy a need.

  2. We know that Margo is interested in Lars because she shows a genuine interest in his life. She is seen in the movie attempting to make plans with Lars to spend more time together. She asks him if they could carpool to work together. Our suspicion is confirmed when their colleague tells Margo, not in so many words, that she is being too aggressive in her pursuit to spend more time with him. She invites him to bowl with her and they kiss. (Lars and the real girl, 2008).

  3. Being available. She is accessible to Lars

  4. Lars seems to avoid people...

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