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Se (Sarjana Ekonomi) Essay

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Human Aspect and Change

Name         : Muhammad Fadhil Aimi
Student Number           : 1110522100

  1. Example in changing of a company
  a. Business Plans (Facebook)
In its early years, Facebook consisted entirely of college students. Unlike contemporaries Friendster and MySpace, which exhausted themselves to acquire as many users as possible from all ends of the Earth, Facebook operated more like a “secret society”, the exclusivity of facebook makes the users feels comfort and popular among college students
When there are much protest, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg decided to open Facebook to high school students in 2005. By 2006, the service had opened to anyone 13 years or older with a valid e-mail address. By and large, the strategy change has worked. A 2009 study by compete.com found Facebook to be the most popular social network in terms if unique views and monthly visits.
Now as one of the best social network, I think the decisions that taken by Mark Zuckerberg as a founder is brilliant, He knows how to adapting what global needs to and ensure himself to it. Knowing that all internet users wants the exclusive one, He made change in the business plans.
  b. Customer Service (Unand)
I had experience with Unand that all of academic information can be access in our portal account. It can make all of users much simpler to get some information about our academic. Also there’s a change in procedure of arrangement studies that we all college students don’t have to ask academic supervisor’s signature to approve it.
Academic supervisor just have to approve it in the academic portal so that can make effective time for college students that have to approve their arrangement studies. This changing makes some comfortable condition

  c. Staff H/R Issues (Google)
On 4th February 2009, Google have to reduce the overall size of their recruiting organization by approximately 100 positions due to the state of the economy....

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