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Search Patterns Essay

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Indoor Crime Scene Search: It is generally recommended that at least two officers search an indoor crime scene. This may best be accomplished by dividing the room in half and having each investigator search half of the room. At the conclusion of the search, the investigator switches halves. In other words the entire room is searched twice.
Outdoor Crime Scene Search: The outdoor crime scene covers a broader area than those that are indoor. With the increased size of the scene, a more systematic searching method must be used. One way is to rope off the scene into a grid. Each square, averaging about 6 square feet, represents a specific area that is manageable sizes for each investigator also known as grid search method.
Nighttime Crime scene Search; if possible, investigators should wait until daylight to search a crime scene. Obviously, circumstances may require investigation to proceed with the search at night. These may include inclement weather or other emergency circumstances. In the event that such a search is to be conducted, lighting generators should be used to provide sufficient illumination for the search.
Vehicle Search: The search of a vehicle requires the same degree of attention as indoor and outdoor searches. Obviously, the nature of the crime dictates the area of the vehicle to be searched. For example, whereas a drug smuggling or murder case requires closer examination of the interior of the vehicle, a hit-and-run investigation necessitates examination of the exterior of the vehicle. Similar to an interior, a vehicle should also be searched for fingerprints. This should be done after other trace evidence has been sought.

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