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Secret of the Nightlight Essay

  • Submitted by: jojo2345
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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Joseph Hylton
May 19, 2013

                                  The Secret of the Nightlight

Once upon a time there was a young boy.   His name was Kelon.   Kelon was a very curious 12 year old boy.   In his village, he was known as the explorer.   He loved to leave the village walls and explore the forest beyond.   He discovered beautiful waterfalls, climbed to the top of snowy mountains, and slept many nights alone in small dark caves.   He didn’t mind the solitude of being alone in the wilderness.  
Throughout his explorations he found stone tools made with the finest craftsmanship, he found antlers from an animal he had never seen, and rocks that sparkled so bright in the sunlight he believed they were magic.
Kelon gathered the rocks and carried them back to the village.   As he carried the rocks, the day became night.   The sky was so bright from the big light in the sky.   Kelon noticed the magical rocks that sparkled in the sunlight were even more amazing in the nightlight.   They glowed!   He knew at once that they came from the nightlight.   They must be tiny pieces that broke off and fell to the ground.
He brought he pieces back to his village.   He first showed them to his family.   He told them they were from the nightlight and they were magical.   His brothers laughed and mocked him, calling him a fool.   His parents smiled kindly and said “Kelon, you have such a good imagination.”   He felt angry that his family would not believe him, so he decided to show them to the wise men of the village.   They would tell his family he was right about the rocks.   He brought the stones to the wise men.   They marveled over the stones, but did not agree they were from the nightlight.
Kelon was disappointed.   He showed the stones to his best friends, Suzeke and Zeron.   Suzeke was a good friend to Kelon and he enjoyed hearing the stories of Kelon’s adventures.   Suzeke and Zeron believed Kelon’s story of the rocks.   Suzeke told Zeron told Kelon, that as smart and...

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