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Security Mangement Essay

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Title: United States embassy security plan

BASIC FUNCTION OF POSITION: Hostile regions training, a weekly briefing where the embassy is, I would have some kind of private intelligence and a security reports of the place, body armor, risk assessments, and some of political and cultural briefing, also man made bombs disaster, anti-terror security plan, WMD, there would be some kind of legal obligations of mother nature weather clean up or help people get to safety, and other vulnerabilities and produce a working plan to protect the staff and are visitors.  

Levels of protection: Level 5 security, nobody would leave the embassy without body armor, armor car, guns, a team of 3 or 6 people more if needed.
HAVE A PLAN: Embassy should have a plan in place for dealing with security issues, whether that involves, violence, natural disaster, or a medical emergency. It’s important to be able to identify, evaluate, and control the situation to the greatest extent possible. This plan should involve clearly defined procedures to handle a variety of situations.  

USE SURVEILENCE: Surveillance and observation are critical to avoiding and minimizing harassment and threats. Ideally, employees would confront any potential issue in the parking lot rather than inside the embassy building. Having employees in charge of keeping aware of potential threats can be very effective in minimizing problems. Video systems are also very helpful.

Natural Disaster: Natural disasters are one of the most unpredictable threats that can occur. It is important for any business small or large to have some sort of safety plan in case one should occur. “Natural disasters are naturally occurring, and examples are earthquakes, volcanic eruption, hurricane, tornado, ice storm, flood, flashflood, landslide, wildlife, insect infestation, and disease outbreaks,” (O'Connor, 2009).[1]

Bomb Threat: This can be consisting of the willing use of communication either...

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