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Self-Discipline Essay

  • Submitted by: trin72
  • on January 24, 2013
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On December 5, 2012 Class # 12-05 did not meet the group run time of 12:30.   I have four important items that I feel will help myself and class improve self discipline.   The four self-disciplines are:   Acceptance, Willpower, Hard Work, and Persistence. I believe that instilling these actions into practice will have a profound difference in my running distance and speed.
What Is Self-Discipline?   Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional outcome.   Imagine what class 12-05 could accomplish if we could simply follow through on our best intentions no matter what. I sometimes say to my body, “You’re overweight. Lose 20 pounds.” Without self-discipline that intention would not stick in my brain.   But with sufficient self-discipline, it’s a done deal.   The pinnacle of self-discipline is when you reach the point that when you make a conscious decision; it is virtually guaranteed you’ll follow through on it.
Self-discipline is one of many personal development tools that I learned in the military.   You do have to be a rocket scientist to make self-discipline a guideline in your life.   Nevertheless, the problems which self-discipline can solve are important, and while there are other ways to solve these problems, self-discipline absolutely destroys all other means.   Self-discipline can empower you to overcome any addiction or lose any amount of weight.   It can wipe out procrastination, disorder, and ignorance. Within the domain of problems it can solve, self-discipline is simply unmatched.   Moreover, it can becomes a powerful force when combined with other tools like passion, goal-setting, and planning.
My philosophy of how to build self-discipline is best explained by an old saying.   Self-discipline is like a muscle.   The more you train it, the stronger you become.   The less you train it, the weaker you become.
Just as everyone has different muscular strength levels, we all possess different levels of...

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