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Semantic Web: Future Is Here Essay

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The Semantic Web Wendy Hall & Kieron O’Hara Version of article for Robert Meyers (ed.), Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science, Springer
Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group School of Electronics and Computer Science University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom {wh,kmo}@ecs.soton.ac.uk

Article outline
Glossary Definition Introduction: history, motivation and the development of standards Linking data The layered model of the Semantic Web Applications Controversies Future directions Bibliography

Dereferencing a URI is using the URI to identify the object or resource it refers to.

‘Folksonomy’ is a neologism applied to structures that emerge from the practice of ‘tagging’ Web content. In some Web 2.0 applications, users can apply a tag (a descriptive term) to content such as a photograph or video clip. The tags need only be meaningful to the individual tagger, but if a large enough number of users tag content, descriptive structures analogous to more formal ontologies can emerge that are meaningful to wide communities.

Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (GRIDDL, pronounced ‘griddle’) is a mechanism for helping bootstrap the Semantic Web, by extracting RDF

from XML documents, using transformations expressed in XSLT. GRDDL became a W3C recommendation in 2007.

Metadata is data about data. In the context of the Semantic Web, metadata are also called ‘markup’ or ‘annotations’. Because one aim of the Semantic Web is to support machine processing of information, metadata are helpful in describing the content of data. For example, metadata attached to a series of numerals could explain that it represents a zip code or a height or a population figure.

An ontology defines, describes and constrains the concepts and relationships that are used in some particular domain of knowledge. Ontologies may therefore have an important role in...

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