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Separation of Garbage Essay

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Separation of garbage
I am going to write an essay about “separation of garbage in United States”. There are a lot of countries which is legislated to separate garbage at each house for recycling. My home town Yokohama Japan also has legislation about separating garbage at house. When I moved to US, I was very surprised that we don’t have to separate garbage. Actuary, It is very easy to throw away without separating garbage, however, It is not very good thing for our environment that throwing garbage away without separating.
I am very interested in the way of separating garbage in German. Because, German legislates to separates garbage into nine kinds. We don’t even have to separate any garbage in US, but they separate garbage into nine kinds. And separated garbage will be recycled to new materials in German. And I was also surprised that there is a technology that making sweater by recycling plastic bottle. As you know, burning plastic makes air dirty. It is easy to burn garbage without separating, however, there is a way not only prevent from making air dirty but also can produce a piece of sweater by separating garbage.
And I also want to mention about that separating garbage leads to helping people who need wheelchair. By separating aluminum can from garbage, we can produce wheel chairs. Over a hundred billions of aluminum cans are used in a year in United States. We can produce a wheelchair from thirty-two thousands of aluminum can. Therefore, United State can create 3125 of wheelchairs a year by separating garbage.
There might be more benefits by separating garbage. I want to research and know how we can keep environment better or produce items from useless garbage. I believe that once new law of separating garbage would made in all over the world, environment could be better or people will not have to be scared from rack of energy or resources.

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