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Service Management Quiz Essay

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Quiz Chapter 1 - Introduction to Management and Organizations - Attempt 1
Question 1
An automobile manufacturer that increased the total number of cars produced at the same cost, but with many defects, would be ________.

a. efficient and effective

b. concerned with inputs

c. increasing efficiency  

d. increasing effectiveness

Question 2
A manager resolving conflict among organizational members is performing what function?

a. controlling

b. commanding

c. leading  

d. directing

Question 3
________ was a French industrialist who first identified the basic management functions.

a. Fayol  

b. Herzberg

c. Weber

d. Taylor

Question 4
Choose one answer.

a. inefficiency  

b. efficiency

c. ineffectiveness

d. effectiveness

Question 5
Marks: 0.9/1
The distinction between a managerial position and a nonmanagerial position is ________.
Choose one answer.

a. coordinating the work of others  

b. organizing the work of others

c. planning the work of others

d. controlling the work of others

Question 6
The lowest level of management is ________.
Choose one answer.

a. a first-line manager  

b. a nonmanagerial employee

c. a vice president

d. a department of research manager

Question 7
How many management functions were originally proposed in the early part of the twentieth century?
Choose one answer.

a. nine

b. four

c. three

d. five  

Question 8
Writing an organizational strategic plan is an example of the ________ management function.
Choose one answer.

a. planning  

b. leading

c. coordinating

d. organizing

Question 9
Division manager is associated with which of the following levels of management?

a. middle managers  

b. team leaders

c. top managers

d. first-line managers

Question 10
Organizing includes ________.


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