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Severe Spinal Stenosis Essay

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What is severe spinal stenosis? Severe spinal stenosis is a common medical condition in which the spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal cord and nerves in one or more areas. This condition started to recognized as a serious condition in the 1960-1970’s. Porter et al figured out that people with back pain and other likely symptoms had a smaller spinal canal than the average person. The symptoms of severe spinal stenosis can occurs as early as 25 to 30 years old and the low back pain as early as the age of 35. A person will most likely undergo spinal stenosis by the age of 60 if they show symptoms at an early age. Daily ware and tare of the body can cause stenosis as well as aging, spinal disc herniation, osteoporosis, a tumor, and degeneration of the nerves. It can be in three different places; thoracic, cervical, or the lumbar spine. Depending on what nerves are effected, depends on where the stenosis is. There are also two different categories you can have; mild to moderate pain or severe pain.
Stenosis can occur as central stenosis which is narrowing of the entire canal or as formal stenosis which is narrowing where the nerve root exists. “Lateral recess stenosis” is when there is a severe narrowing of the later part of the canal. In this kind of stenosis the most important part or component is the flavum ligament. This ligament can become very thickened and cause the stenosis and its symptoms.
There are more symptoms when you have spinal stenosis in the neck rather than when you have spinal stenosis in the lumbar region. Symptoms for spinal stenosis often worsen over time until treatment. Some of the symptoms in the neck include the following: Numbness , weakness, or tingling in the legs, feet, arms, and/or hands. Neck and shoulder pain because of the nerves being compressed, but pain in this area could be caused by a different problem other than spinal stenosis. Weak bladder or bowel control. In the lower back the only symptoms most people get are...

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