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Ш Фь Пщщв Essay

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  THE door opened and Michael Gosselyn looked up. Julia came in.
  “Hulloa! I won’t keep you a minute. I was just signing some letters.”
  “No hurry. I only came to see what seats had been sent to the Dennorants. What’s that young man doing here?”
  With the experienced actress’s instinct to fit the gesture to the word (приурочивая   жест   к   слову), by a movement of her neat head she indicated the room through which she had just passed.
  “He’s the accountant. He comes from Lawrence and Hamphreys. He’s been here three days.”
  “He looks very young.”
  “He’s an articled clerk (в учениках по контракту). He seems to know his job. He can’t get over (поражаться) the way our accounts are kept (вести бух. книги). He told me he never expected a theatre to be run (поставить театр / на деловые рельсы)on such businesslike lines. He says the way some of those firms in the city keep their accounts is enough to turn your hair grey.”
  Julia smiled at the complacency on her husband’s handsome face.
  “He’s a young man of tact.”
  “He finishes today. I thought we might take him back with us and give him a spot of lunch (перекусить на скорую руку). He’s quite a gentleman.”
  “Is that a sufficient(дастатоно) reason to ask him to lunch?”
  Michael did not notice the faint irony of her tone.
  “I won’t ask him if you don’t want him. I merely (просто) thought it would be a treat for him. He admires you tremendously. He’s been to see the play three times. He’s crazy to be introduced to you.” Michael touched a button and in a moment his secretary came in.
  “Here are the letters, Margery. What appointments have (встречаться) I got for this afternoon?”
  Julia with half an ear listened to the list Margery read out and, though she knew the room so well, idly looked about her. It was a very proper room for the manager of a first-class theatre. The walls had been panelled (at cost price) by a good decorator and on them hung...

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