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Shark Culling Point of View Speech/Essay

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  • on August 19, 2015
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Shark Cull POV
Shark Cull POV
Good afternoon everybody I’m here to talk about how shark culling is effecting the environment and how it is affecting other species in the marine life. Shark culling not only endangers other marine species, but it also targets endangered shark species and the number of sharks are continuously reducing. Netting for example is an unreliable source of culling sharks as it not only affects sharks, but also affects other species which is not healthy for the marine economy. By culling sharks they are preventing sharks from producing in numbers and increase endangered species. Not only does culling affect the sharks it also strikes the eco system of coral and reefs.

Beach nets are placed in the water to protect us humans from getting attacked by sharks, but when really it is affecting more the sharks and other species. Studies have proven between 1992 and 2008 the Queensland shark netting program caught 74 common dolphins, 26 humpback whales, 9 dugongs, 82 manta rays, 99 tuna and more than 100 poor turtles, only few survived after being netted. If other species are being affected by nets, wouldn’t you want to think of a smarter solution and not make these other poor species being netted while swimming in their own habitat? Other studies have shown that a report on the NSW beach meshing program shows that the number of sharks getting caught in nets has decreased. So they are keeping these nets in the water but hardly any sharks are getting caught but other species are being affected, it shows how much the government doesn’t really take notice of what these nets are doing to these poor innocent species, it’s just disgusting.

Extinction is looking possible by the amount of sharks being killed a year, an estimated 100 million sharks are being killed a year. One-third of shark species are facing extinction an international report reveals. The great white and hammerhead shark are at risk of extinction. Killing sharks can lead to other...

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