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She Devil Essay

  • Submitted by: Apollon
  • on January 5, 2013
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The Life & Loves of a She-Devil


by R.P Herfst

Blackbirds edition

1991 Nr. 5

First published by Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1983


First personal reaction p. 3

Time and place p. 4
Title explanation p. 4

Ending p. 5
Character description p. 5

Point of view p. 6
Theme p. 6
Symbols p. 6

Summary p. 7

Information about the author p. 8

Assignments p. 9

50 New words P. 13

Final conclusion p. 16
First personal reaction

This was a really nice book, I liked it a lot. Every time I had to put the book away, I wanted to know what Ruth was up to next.
Ruth, she begins a sweet housewife, ending a she-devil. The tremendous changes she makes are not only in her appearance, but in her character as well. She becomes a really viscous person. That way she achieves her goal and all the patience she needs to do so. This woman is a mixture of amazement, intelligence and craziness all put together.
I think the author wrote an incredible story with a predictable, but the only suitable, and strong ending.
Time and place

This story is set in the 20th century, because Ruth goes to a plastic surgeon. This surgeon is capable of doing a complete makeover including shortening bones. Although this bones makeover is an experiment because it has never been done in such a scale.
I think it must be set in America although Fay Weldon is British. First there is talk about Mary’s income in American dollars. Second I think it’s the most suitable place in the world because a lot of weird and unbelievable things happen and I often think America is a place where weird and unlikely things are considered normal.

Title explanation

One night Bobbo’s parents come for dinner. Ruth is so unhappy that she drops a casserole, she had just taken out of the oven. Bobbo’s parents leave and he thinks of a way to express his deepest feelings of disgust for Ruth. In doing so he makes a terrible mistake, the mistake of...

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